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Privacy Policy


27th October 2009

Our commitment to your privacy

At, we value your privacy. We understand you are not only expecting first-class service quality but also industry-leading privacy practices.

This privacy policy informs you about the kind of personal information and other data we collect, for which purposes it will be used, how long we retain it, and when and how we share data with others. This policy also informs you how we protect your data and what controls we are offering to manage your information.

You may contact us at for further information or to exercise your rights to have your data amended or deleted. You may also contact our privacy officer in writing at Sören Preibusch, Kottbusser Damm 24, 10967 Berlin, Germany.

Data we collect

We collect information submitted by your browser, interaction data, and connection information such as your IP address, data you chose to submit when using our service such as the products or wishlists you want to track and the information associated with these, the contact information you provide, and the tracker settings, including your location. This information will be kept indefinitely . We may choose to use cookies and to monitor notification delivery success. We may also keep and use data you send us by email, online feedback forms or postal mail and we may seek additional information from external sources.

Secure storage and restricted access

We store your data in a secured location. Access is restricted to authorised personnel only. We will encrypt sensitive information. The address used to provide Web pages or RSS feeds contain a random component which is hard to guess, making access by individuals without the address practically infeasible.

Usage and sharing offers a leading price tracking service with novel configuration and notification options. To this end, we are collecting, processing, and potentially sharing information submitted by and about our users. Your data is stored in the European Union and will not be passed on to third parties in a personally identifiable manner. We are not selling your data and do not send spam.

We will use your data to inform you about price drops as configured by you and for internal research purposes. If you have chosen to be informed about bargains from alternative vendors, we may also inform you about third party offers and may use all your provided contact details to inform you about similar bargains.

User controls

When setting up a new price tracker, you have the choice amongst several notification channels, minimum price drop levels, tracker running times, and the inclusion of third party sellers. Your choices will be summarised once the tracker is set up with this information. When we notify you when a price drop occurs that is captured by your tracker, we will update the tracker RSS feed, the tracker Web page, send you an email, and / or an SMS (text message to your mobile phone), depending on your notification choices. The Web page and the RSS feed will include tracker management options to cancel or otherwise alter the running time of a tracker. Emails and SMS messages will include a link to a Web page with corresponding configuration options. For a given product and a given tracker, you will be sent at most one SMS notification.

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