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About PriceNeedle


At, we are working hard so you won't miss a bargain on Amazon again.

We will track products, or sets of products, listed on Amazon for price drops and then notify you. You can set up trackers by specifying the product ASIN. Or simply copy and paste the product URL which is displayed in the address bar of your browser when you are viewing a product on Amazon.

It's your choice for how long you want to have your price tracker running. We will watch your items for as long as you wish – indefinitely if you tell us so.

You can specify a minimum price drop which has to occur before we notify you. This can be in percentage points or an amount in your local currency. We won't alert you until the price drops by the amount you specify.

If you ask us to, we will also search alternative vendors on Amazon or from your local neighbourhood.

Feel free to select a notification channel which suits you best. We offer price drop notifications via email, SMS (text message to your mobile phone), or through a Web page set up specifically for you. You can even choose to use all three notification channels.

At, we will track products around the globe. We are searching across all Amazon Web sites: US American (.com), Canadian (.ca), French (.fr), Japanese (, British (, and German (.de). And we will deliver notifications to your mobile around the world.

Our price tracking service is free of charge. And you can set up as many trackers as you want to.

We value your continued feedback. Should you have questions, comments or other enquiries, please feel free to contact us at .